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    A group of beneficiaries during the Organizational Assessment of Caritas Moroto

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    A boy during the Organizational Assessment of Caritas Moroto Social Services Department

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    An interface meeting between local officials and a women’s savings group in Mbale


The Vision – UNFEM look forward for “A united, just and fair society where ethnic minorities fully enjoy their rights”

The Mission – UNFEM exists to “coordinate ethnic minorities to undertake collective civic engagements with relevant agencies in order to protect their rights and improve their access to vital services in Uganda”

UNFEM members adhere and are guided by the following values in pursuant to the above objectives:

  • Responsibility: being committed in fulfilling our obligations in the Forum.
  • Equality: equal treatment of each ethnic minority group, non-discrimination and respect for each other regardless of status.
  • Participation: maintain active participation and make valuable contributions in all vital meetings and workshops we attend.
  • Visibility: our actions should promote public awareness, recognition and support of ethnic minority.
  • Transparent and accountability: we should always be open and answerable in whatever we do.
  • Time consciousness: take timely actions and provide timely responses to our all partners.
  • Partnership and networking: we should involve all relevant actors and institutions in our collection civic actions.

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