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    A presentation on a Study on "Capacity Building" by CDRN interns 2016 from Trinity College London in UK

  • 640

    A mediation conducted by CDRN between Mukungwe Sub County residents and a tea investor (with a hat)

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    A poor and elderly resident of Mukungwe Sub County, Masaka district seeking legal aid from CDRN Legal Officer


The Vision – “A well governed and just society where all women, men and children live in dignity and harmony”

The Mission – “To contribute to the growth of a vibrant and self determined civil society that defends the rights of the poor and promotes peace, justice, democracy and social equity”

CDRN Core Values:

  • Peace and security for all Ugandans (physical, social, political and psychological);
  • Social justice: equity in resource distribution and equality before the law;
  • Gender equity and equality;
  • Integrity: adherence to agreed principles;
  • Sustainable development: using resources in a manner that will benefit present and future generations adequately.

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